Alea Design Studio Seal Stamp
Alea Design Studio Seal Stamp

Alea Leather Specialist is a global manufacturer and distributor of premium leather seat kits for the automotive industry.  Alea works in close partnership with Gruppo Mastrotto SPA of Italy as we only use the finest Italian leather. Our vision is to become the market leader in supplying leather upholstery to customers who appreciate the highest quality, value, on-time delivery, and design flexibility.

Alea Leather Specialist is a subsidiary of Sunguard Motors Ltd of Hong Kong, a multifaceted firm specializing in manufacturing, marketing and distributing automotive interior products.  Incorporated in 1992, Sunguard has established production facilities, offices, distributors and a professional sales network covering the US, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong and mainland China.  We are 100% minority-owned and operated.


In order to supply the best quality leather interiors to our customer, we source the highest quality Italian leather hides, adhere to paramount quality management system of TS-16949, and manufacture with the finest workmanship. Through our hard work, creativity, and most importantly our vision, Alea has taken the lead in revolutionizing the aftermarket custom leather seat covers.  The Alea leather interiors are uniquely designed to evoke personality and inspire personalization.


Alea is now at the forefront of the industry in delivering the most stunning automotive leather interiors. No longer must you settle for a plain, basic, and dull leather interior. Get your start in the Alea Leather Design Studio. Simply select from either our Italian Verona or Nappa leather lines, and start designing your interior with over 100 exclusive customized designs. With Alea Leather, you truly make your interior one of a kind no matter the year, make, or model.


YOU DESIGN...WE CREATE - Our design artists work intensely to create new and innovative insert concepts that inspire individuality. From reinventing the classic luxury diamonds designing something completely new and modern, we have forged a leading role in custom interior design. The Alea design Studio allows you to take these original creations and design an interior that shows your character and style. With this kind of forward thinking, the future of automotive interior design is limitless.


Our vision is to become market leader in supplying high quality leather upholstery and other automotive accessories for vehicle owners in the North American market who will appreciate the highest quality, service and after sales services from Alea.


ALEA stands for Automotive Leather Eleganza Atelier. These words refer to the studio production of elegant quality automotive leather upholstery, and are reflective of Alea Leather's overall vision to be the market leader in automotive leather interiors and accessories.

Operating Principles of Alea - We are committed to fulfilling our vision with the following Operating Principles:

• We take pride in producing and marketing our products with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

• We believe in creating value for our customers, who appreciate our excellent product quality, services and competitive prices.

• We aim at developing strong leadership and management skills among our employees at all levels to ensure the overall strength of the company is sustained

• We are a market-driven company and constantly evaluate market potential and competition. We will develop the most effective strategies to capture market share in each of our targeted markets.

• We encourage efficient and effective communication between the companies within our group, as well as with all vendors and customers.

• We treat all employees, customers, and vendors with respect and integrity, regardless of their race, religion, nationality, or cultural background.

• We encourage an environment that will allow our employees to develop their skills and maximize their potential in their contributions toward the long-term growth of the company.

• We hold honesty and fairness in the highest regard in all our business, social, and community dealings. We will observe all local laws and regulations in markets where the company is established.

• We invest in product research and development, as well as our employees to ensure our continuous success in leading the industry in products and services

• We reinvest all resources in the companies within our group through profitable growth


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